Thank you for joining us for the Reveal Your Inner Compass Series: Archangel Chamuel Guided Meditation and Study Guide.

Your custom cloud will take you to The Garden of the Archangels where you will enjoy the lushness of the garden, sit beside and meet Archangel Chamuel, feel his energy, listen to his message for you and see how he can guide you in your life or help your loved ones. He is a dynamic Archangel that can help with finding things: life purpose, lost items, jobs, and much more.

Enjoy a very relaxing and refreshing meditation.

Price is $15.00 plus HST, a total of $16.95.

Thank you and Angel Blessings!

Inside you will find:

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    Archangel Chamuel

    • Archangel Chamuel Introduction

    • Archangel Chamuel Guided Meditation

    • Archangel Chamuel Study Guide

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CEO and Founder of The Mindful Choices

Barbara Kawa

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Archangel Chamuel is awaiting your arrival in The Garden of the Archangels. 

Come and meet him right now!

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